Increase Your Authority, Influence Audience and Impact with YouTube

What is YouTube Essentials?

YouTube Essentials is a 1-2-1 YouTube Mentoring package, that will help you Launch, Grow and Monetise your YouTube channel with a dedicated strategy created with me by your side.

During this 12 week mentoring programme we focus on getting your channel setup, creating a 3-6 month filming plan and I provide you with all the knowledge and tools* to film YouTube content in the quickest and easiest way possible.

*Equipment purchases are outside of the scope of the package

Who is YouTube Essentials For?

YouTube Essentials is for online business owners who are already comfortable on camera, who might not be that technical and definitely do not have the time or inclination to do it themselves. 

Your Zone of Genius will be showing up and delivering your message, value or whatever it might be and you want someone else to take care of the rest. 

Choose Your Plan

YouTube Essentials

£ 1500
  • 3 Month Plan
  • Channel Setup
  • Help To Find an Editor
  • Systems & Process Support
  • Weekly 1-2-1 Meetings

YouTube Essentials

£ 500
  • 3 Month Plan
  • Channel Setup
  • Help To Find an Editor
  • System & Processes Support
  • Weekly 1-2-1 Meetings

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the first things we will do together is come up with a list of topics to cover that will both bring in a new audience as well as save you time with your existing audience.

Our recommendation is that the videos are around 15 minutes long, however, we have clients who create videos as short as 5 mins and as long as 30 mins.

Usually this is around 4 weeks as long as you get all the required work done during this time.

We will only launch the channel when we have the channel trailer and the first 4 videos complete.

This is not included in YouTube Essentials, most of our clients have an existing Marketing team, you can also put your VA through Content Repurposing School to learn how to repurpose your YouTube videos.

I give you 100% of my effort with this service, I keep it limited to 6 people max, so it wouldn’t be fair to the others if I gave a discount to one of the 6.

This service is for those with less time who appreciate the value in a professionally edited final product, however, if this is not for you and you’re thinking of taking it all on yourself, check out the YouTube For Business a Do It Yourself membership.

Case Studies

Sarah Short

Sarah is an international Business Coach living in Europe. 

We launched her channel on July 1st and will be publishing one video a week over the next year.

King of Video

A channel dedicated to growing your business with video, editing, publishing and management are taken care of under the YouTube Essentials package, the King of Video submits his videos once a month and the rest is taken care of.

Helen Pritchard

Season one of the Flat Hair Diaries was broadcast at the start of 2021. Helen wanted to show the world the real side of running an online business and did just that in this raw, behind the scenes show.