Increase Your Authority, Influence Audience and Impact with YouTube

What is YouTube Essentials?

YouTube Essentials is a fully managed YouTube sevice, allowing you to focus on filming the content whilst we take care of the rest. 

This includes a fully managed editing service providing you with a hands off approach, we edit, review and approve your videos for YouTube ensuring it matches our high standards.

Once the video is ready, we upload to YouTube adding the description, keywords, thumbnails and YouTube SEO ready to ensure your video is searchable, clickable and bringing you fresh new traffic.

Who is YouTube Essentials For?

YouTube Essentials is for online business owners who are already comfortable on camera, who might not be that technical and definitely do not have the time or inclination to do it themselves. 

Your Zone of Genius will be showing up and delivering your message, value or whatever it might be and you want someone else to take care of the rest. 

Choose Your Plan

YouTube Essentials

Starter Package
£ 2500 £795 Monthly
  • Complete Done For You Service
  • 3 Month Starter Package
  • £500 Channel Setup Fee

YouTube Essentials

£ 795 Monthly
  • Complete Done For You Service
  • Upto 4 Edited Videos Per Month
  • £500 Channel Setup Fee

Frequently Asked Questions

As well as regular catch up meetings (as often or as little as you like), every quarter we have a strategy call to help decide on the content for the next quarter, this means you’ll never be left wondering what to film.

Our recommendation is that the videos are around 15 minutes long, however, we have clients who create videos as short as 5 mins and as long as 30 mins.

We have a fully managed video submission platform and an online storage location will be provided for you. However, you are welcome to submit your videos with Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive or any other platform you choose to, our editors will then download the files and get to work.

Video edits can range from 24 – 72 hours depending on the complexity, length and style of video, most of our first drafts are ready within 24 hours and reviews and changes made within 48 hours.

We will only launch the channel when we have the channel trailer and the first 4 videos complete.

This is not included in YouTube Essentials but we do have a service called Content Freedom that you can tap into if you need to, most of our clients have an existing Marketing team but some require this additional support.

A discount is available on the one year subscription, this is our lowest priced option and works out at around £200 per video, insane value for money.

This package is for YouTube videos only, however, we have also helped our clients with Video Sales Letters, Full Course Edits and Promotional Videos, all of these are available for an additional fee.

This service is for those with less time who appreciate the value in a professionally edited final product, however, if this is not for you and you’re thinking of taking it all on yourself, check out the YouTube Bootcamp a Do It Yourself course.

Case Studies

Sarah Short

Sarah is an international Business Coach living in Europe. 

We launched her channel on July 1st and will be publishing one video a week over the next year.

King of Video

A channel dedicated to growing your business with video, editing, publishing and management are taken care of under the YouTube Essentials package, the King of Video submits his videos once a month and the rest is taken care of.

Helen Pritchard

Season one of the Flat Hair Diaries was broadcast at the start of 2021. Helen wanted to show the world the real side of running an online business and did just that in this raw, behind the scenes show.